Monday, August 01, 2005

oh, the glory....

MP3: 'Casimir Pulaski Day' Sufjan Stevens

Strangely I was put off listening to Sufjan Stevens when I first heard about him, I think mainly because I felt like I wasn't stumbling upon somthing great, more being told to like it (pretty hyped by the press etc). Anyhoo, now with a bit of distance and I guess finding the odd track online, I have got really into what I have heard by him. Have since bought Greeting from Michigan and yesterday 'Illinoise' from which this song comes from. No I can't get enough of the fella. This new album is on heavy rotation in my headphones at the moment. His mix of samba-influenced tracks and banjo-led ballads has my vote.

I think I first heard a track of the new album on a mix by pop77, which constantly seems to introduce me to new stuff. check his site out, it rocks. the mixes are always worth the effort to download.


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