Thursday, August 18, 2005

drawn and quarterly

Drawn and Quarterly publish grahic novels by two of my favourite garphic artists. Adrian Tomine whose fantastic Optic Nerve is just so beautifully drawn and Seth, whose portraits of characters from the 1920's are truly great. Just a quick post to say 'CHECK OUT THE DRAWN AND QUARTERLY SITE (link above!)

how come all the other unicorns are dead?

MP3: 'Ghost Mountain' The Unicorns

There is something very infectious about The Unicorns album 'Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?'. Highly recommended for those who like anything in the realms of early Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and any of the elephant6 stuff!

Friday, August 12, 2005

like an old 78 vinyl...

MP3: 'Looking through the facets of a plastic jewel' Bibio

Another artist on the CD given to me by Big Lucas, Bibio has made an album 'Fi' of found sound, laptop tinkerings and some lovely guitar playing. This album has bags of atmosphere and sonic subtleties, one minute sounding like John Fahey playing into a glass (I know what I mean by that, not sure anyone else would) and the next sounding like an old 78 vinyl that keeps looping, scratched but being heard from a distant room in the house. Hmm, yeah thats the kind of thing. If I had an IPod, this is the kind of thing that would sountrack my coast path walks or drives to the waterfalls in Wales.

Search this out, please.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

is it wrong to remind?

MP3: 'The Perfect Map' Thee More Shallows

I just really like the drums on this track by Thee More Shallows. Reminds me of 18th Dye and Yo La Tengo with its whispered vocals and loud/quiet dynamics. I also love the crunchiness of the noisy guitar when it kicks in. Try it, you might like it!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Saturday Afternoon Plans

MP3: 'Saturday Afternoon Plans' I AM ROBOT AND PROUD

Pretty sure I have linked to this guy before but not since I have been doing this as an mp3 blog. This tune has made it on to so many mix cd's for my car stereo and for friends, with its summery/mouse-on-mars vibe. If you like this you may also like: Dntel, E*rock and Clue To Kalo.

Monday, August 01, 2005

It's all around you....

MP3: 'It's All Around You' Tortoise gets inside your head, and you find yourself humming days later and wondering what it is. Well I have always been a firm fan of Tortoise and their latest album is no expection. I have been hooked on their way of making instrumentals interesting for some time, since my best mate Paul bought me the first self-titled album. They, I guess, have got progressively less hardcore-influenced and more soundtrack/electronic. However, I like both side of this tortoise, so it suits me just fine.

oh, the glory....

MP3: 'Casimir Pulaski Day' Sufjan Stevens

Strangely I was put off listening to Sufjan Stevens when I first heard about him, I think mainly because I felt like I wasn't stumbling upon somthing great, more being told to like it (pretty hyped by the press etc). Anyhoo, now with a bit of distance and I guess finding the odd track online, I have got really into what I have heard by him. Have since bought Greeting from Michigan and yesterday 'Illinoise' from which this song comes from. No I can't get enough of the fella. This new album is on heavy rotation in my headphones at the moment. His mix of samba-influenced tracks and banjo-led ballads has my vote.

I think I first heard a track of the new album on a mix by pop77, which constantly seems to introduce me to new stuff. check his site out, it rocks. the mixes are always worth the effort to download.