Wednesday, June 15, 2005

please wake me for meals

so, I am thinking that although I have enjoyed uploading a number of tracks at a time, that I dont seem to be doing it very often, however discovering new things online seems like a daily occurence. so I have decided to do a ONE-A-DAY upload (maybe once every two days if I am busy). I may do a couple today though as I have found a couple of great tunes.

Todays upload is by Barbara Morgenstern and Ropert Lippok who's album 'Tesri' (on monika enterprise) is just great. Have always been a fan of To Rococo Rot and had heard of Barbara Morgenstern, but not heard her stuff. The whole album is full of the kind of noises and glitchy beats that you would expect, but more than most electronic records, this has got a lot of warmth to it. some lovely piano improv and acoustic guitar playing too. It came highly recommended from my local record imporium and it comes higly recommended from me too now!

MP3: 'please wake me for meals' barbara morgenstern and ropert lippok


At 12:26 AM, Blogger Robyn said...

If you haven't listened to Barbara Morgenstern's stuff, I'd recommending checking out Nichts Muss (my favorite album of her's).


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