Friday, June 24, 2005

had me do...a stroll with you

MP3: 'Wierd Divide' The Shins

MP3: 'Girl Inform Me' The Shins

MP3: 'The Past and The Pending' The Shins

MP3: 'Pressed In A Book' The Shins

Ha ha, that picture is so funny!!!

So to celebrate my (possibly unhealthy) enjoyment of The Shins I thought I'd popst a link to some tracks from their first album 'Oh, Inverted World' (Sub Pop). The write the most sublime pop songs with a hint of country and a touch of pavement/modest mouse. 'New Slang' and 'Caring Is Creepy' appear on the Garden State soundtrack (see Feb 17th post).

My friend Paul and I went to see there first gig in London and we were just blown away. So, so if you aren't already wise to The Shins, you are now and you have a lot of singing loud in the car to look forward to!


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