Wednesday, June 29, 2005

....and so on

MP3: 'Lipostudio...and so on' Matmos

take a microphone, a couple of free thinking electronic musicians and just about anything that you can make a noise from (this includes balloons, bibles, liposuction noises, etc) and you have yourself some pretty interesting sonics going on. Matmos make these sounds and create something that is just as routed in dance music as it is in exploring musical territories.

No suprise then that they have worked Bjork on her excellent Verspertine album, whose DVD Miniscule has some brilliant footage of Bjork and Matmos talking about their Opera House tour for that album.

Friday, June 24, 2005

had me do...a stroll with you

MP3: 'Wierd Divide' The Shins

MP3: 'Girl Inform Me' The Shins

MP3: 'The Past and The Pending' The Shins

MP3: 'Pressed In A Book' The Shins

Ha ha, that picture is so funny!!!

So to celebrate my (possibly unhealthy) enjoyment of The Shins I thought I'd popst a link to some tracks from their first album 'Oh, Inverted World' (Sub Pop). The write the most sublime pop songs with a hint of country and a touch of pavement/modest mouse. 'New Slang' and 'Caring Is Creepy' appear on the Garden State soundtrack (see Feb 17th post).

My friend Paul and I went to see there first gig in London and we were just blown away. So, so if you aren't already wise to The Shins, you are now and you have a lot of singing loud in the car to look forward to!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

clocks (not the coldplay kind)

After reading an article in The Observer newspapers colour supplement on Sunday about the designer George Nelson, I decided to go online and look at some of his designs. I particularly like the Owl Clock, which would be ideal for my sons bedroom. The price tag is fairly high, so it may be that I can make one like it!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Reality Check

SchneiderTM first came onto my radar via a free CD of tracks by artists on the City Slang label. I think the track was his excellent cover of The Smiths 'There is a light that will never go out', called 'The Light 3000'. Just checked out 3hive and noticed they had a link to this equally great track. Check out schneiderTM's official site for great videos, mp3s and loop sequencer game. much fun!

MP3: 'Reality Check' SchneiderTM

The Light Before We Land

'The Delgados, influential figures in Glasgow's independent music scene for over 10 years, have announced that they are to amicably disband. The reason has been put down to the departure of their bass player Stewart Henderson who informed the band in the New Year that he did not wish to make another album. The Delgados have always been known as uniquely collaborative songwriters and as such, it was decided that the band could not continue without all of its original members.'

The above isn't particularlyt new news, but I thought I'd link to a track by The Delgados as they have probably been one of the most consistent and interesting of the many scottish bands I am into. I went to see them in Derby when they released 'Peleton' and the whole Chemikal Underground label had just started. Even back then they were a force to reckon with live and since then every album has been even better than its predecessor. Thats saying something these days! Anyway I am excited to hear what Emma and Alun come up with on their own projects, but in the meantime this track is just so HUGE !!! Enjoy

MP3: 'The Light Before We Land' The Delgados

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

living, breathing, etc

audiodregs , it has to be said, knows where its at. the site and record artwork is spot on, the attitude behind it all (see info pages) seems to hit the point and on top of all that, they release some of the most exciting music I have heard in a while. I orinally found out about them through tomlab, who released the first album by The Books 'The Lemon Of Pink.

after a short while, I found myself emailing e*rock in person, discussing the purchase of his album, thumb magazine (feturing isan, mouse on mars, etc) and found him to be a truly nice guy. anyways, this track attached is the first track off his album, it is an infectious listen. check out the site, its like walking into a candy store!

MP3: 'living, breathing, etc' e*rock

please wake me for meals

so, I am thinking that although I have enjoyed uploading a number of tracks at a time, that I dont seem to be doing it very often, however discovering new things online seems like a daily occurence. so I have decided to do a ONE-A-DAY upload (maybe once every two days if I am busy). I may do a couple today though as I have found a couple of great tunes.

Todays upload is by Barbara Morgenstern and Ropert Lippok who's album 'Tesri' (on monika enterprise) is just great. Have always been a fan of To Rococo Rot and had heard of Barbara Morgenstern, but not heard her stuff. The whole album is full of the kind of noises and glitchy beats that you would expect, but more than most electronic records, this has got a lot of warmth to it. some lovely piano improv and acoustic guitar playing too. It came highly recommended from my local record imporium and it comes higly recommended from me too now!

MP3: 'please wake me for meals' barbara morgenstern and ropert lippok