Wednesday, May 18, 2005

no spoon yet

man, everywhere seems to have sold out of GIMME FICTION by Spoon. Hmm, may have to have another look around for it later. It seems to be getting some pretty great reviews and if it's half as good as KILL THE MOONLIGHT, then my are we in for a treat!

instead, I bought the new teenage fanclub album 'Man-Made' which is more of the same sounds and great tunes, but it seems to hark back more to the glory days of Grand Prix to my ears. Bloomin' fantastic stuff.

also I bought 'Over Fly Over' by Kathryn Williams, which is seemingly more of a rockin' affair. and a bit more experimental in places as well, a lovely instrumental track and a bit more flair than the straight ahead acoustic numbers of the previous album (old low light). She is playing in Bristol on the bank holiday weekend, but darn it I am off to my cousins wedding and back home to see my folks. Grrr (in some ways and not in others).


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