Friday, May 20, 2005

always on the outside, always lookin' in....

how good is this new spoon record!!! bloody great thats what it is. Makes me want to call up all my friends that play instruments and make an almighty racket!

Here are a few songs that I have been listening to a whole lot recently.

All My Friends Are Dead - Hood

The Only One - The American Analog Set

I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night - Dirty Three

The Clock - The Go Betweens

With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

Crystal Frontier (Widescreen Version) - Calexico

Does anyone know anyone who likes Spoon, The Shins, Yo La Tengo and any of the bands I go on about here, and wants to collaborate on some recordings. I've got a good few songs, but I'm no vocalist and would like to do an EP of about 6 songs. Worth a mention I guess!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

cream teas (sent by post)

cream teas by post

ha ha this made me laugh so much. only in cornwall!!

My First MP3 Mix

’Baby C’mon’ Stephen Malkmus

’Nervous Tick Motion Of The Head’ Andrew Bird

Gravity’s Bringing Us Down’ Beulah

’Newborn’ Elbow

’King Of Carrot Flowers’ Neutral Milk Hotel

EverythingDisco’ Spoon

’The Perfect Map’ Thee More Shallows

Thanks to 3hive, *Sixeyes, MyOldKentuckyBlog, YouAintNoPicasso for the nod in the right direction for these tracks. I will do my own leg work next time!

no spoon yet

man, everywhere seems to have sold out of GIMME FICTION by Spoon. Hmm, may have to have another look around for it later. It seems to be getting some pretty great reviews and if it's half as good as KILL THE MOONLIGHT, then my are we in for a treat!

instead, I bought the new teenage fanclub album 'Man-Made' which is more of the same sounds and great tunes, but it seems to hark back more to the glory days of Grand Prix to my ears. Bloomin' fantastic stuff.

also I bought 'Over Fly Over' by Kathryn Williams, which is seemingly more of a rockin' affair. and a bit more experimental in places as well, a lovely instrumental track and a bit more flair than the straight ahead acoustic numbers of the previous album (old low light). She is playing in Bristol on the bank holiday weekend, but darn it I am off to my cousins wedding and back home to see my folks. Grrr (in some ways and not in others).

There's a whole (mp3) world out there....

Something that has majorly helped my slightly straining purse strings, are these great mp3blogs. Not sure how I stumbled accross them. Probably initially through 3hive or something, but there are three that seem to inspire each other and upload similar bands etc. These guys have good taste. It's great to hear new stuff that is maybe local to them. Also great to hear live bootlegs of bands like The Shins and James Mercer etc.




So great are these, that I may have to look into doing an MP3 blog of my very own. watch out, here I (maybe) come.

My big A.Newman book

Oh my god, I ordered this book from america (by Phillip Brookman/Taschen) and despite it having taken an age to get here, it is probably the single best photography boook I have seen. Full of great angles, ideas and compositions. Really fresh stuff which is saying something as most of his great gritty portraits were taken in the late 1940's / early 1950's.

I think it is quite unlikely that I will ever be able to take photos as good as this guy, but it can't hurt having it there for inspiration and trying eh!

Arnold Newman images