Friday, April 15, 2005

Three of a (different) kind

There are three records coming out in May that I need to buy. This should be perfectly timed for my trip to St Ives, Cornwall – plenty of tunes for the journey then. A bit of background on why I need to buy them:

Spoon – Gimme Fiction (Matador)
Having pretty much worn out my copy of Kill The Moonlight by Spoon (strange as I have only had it for a couple of weeks) I am eagerly awaiting some new work by these guys. Ever inventive and full of interesting studio work as well as really strong hummable songs.

Quasimoto – Further adventures of Lord Quas (Stones Throw)
Now, ‘the unseen’ was just bloody genius. It will take a hell of a record to top the helium voiced alter-ego of Madlib. Having heard an mp3 called ‘greenery’ has only hightened my need to hear this. Madvillian (by Madlib and MF Doom) has kept me contented in the meantime – and that is a great record, but quas is ready and so am I.

Teenage Fanclub – Man Made (PeMa)

Now I am always gonna buy the latest Teenage Fanclub record, due to them being the band that started my education into what people like to call ‘Indie’. But the latest record has been recorded by John McEntire of Tortoise and that should make for interesting studio work on top of their usual Californian-tinged summery pop. About the right time of the year for this one, just as the sun is coming out!

I also found out that ‘Remote Viewer’ have had an album out called ‘let your heart draw a line’ (with Nicola from Empress on vocals again) and it passed under my usually sharp radar. Must rectify this by buying it.